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Nickel's Story

Steel Bones Motorcycle Club



He can't stop watching. I'm tired of waiting. Which one of us is gonna break first?
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I've been in love with Nickel Kobald since I was fifteen. I know what he is--a biker with almost a decade on me and one hell of an anger management problem--but to me? He's the one. Night after night, though, I'm dancing up on the stage alone. How much longer is he just gonna watch from the shadows? And how much longer can my heart stand to wait?

I've turned down Story Jenkins a hundred times. She's a happy hippy with eyes like an anime babe and curves for days. She's perfect, but she ain't for me. I can't be trusted with nice things. I wreck 'em. Not by choice. It's how I was made, and now, it's what I am.

When old enemies roar back into town--threatening my club and the girl I don't dare claim--I'm in for the fight of my life. My fists are all I got, and I'm afraid that this time? Fists aren't gonna be enough to stop the past from tearing apart everything I love.

Nickel's Story is a steamy older man/younger woman motorcycle club romance. It's the second book in the Steel Bones Motorcycle Club series, but it can be read as a standalone. Intended only for adult readers.

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