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coming APRIL 22, 2022

SPICY sneak peek


In my imagination, I’m sitting at my table in the Commons. Rosie winds her way through the crowded tables. I see her before she notices that I do. I see how her fingers tremble where they peek out of the worn cuffs of her oversized red hoodie.

In the here and now, despite the cold shower, my cock twitches. I lean back against the wet wall and let the water flow down my pecs.

Her doe eyes rise, searching me out, and I stand. She can’t stop looking and blushing. She flashes me a soft, secret smile.

I go to her. She waits for me, nervous, her even white teeth worrying her plump lower lip.

I don’t give a shit about the pack. They’re gone, disappeared in a blink. We’re alone.

I say, “Hey.”

She lowers her eyes, her dark eyelashes sweeping her pink-stained cheeks.

“Hi,” she whispers back. She can’t help but peek at my face. My chest. The tent in my pants.

In the showers, I stroke my cock. I’m harder than I’ve ever been, abs clenched, eyes screwed shut.

“What do you need?” I ask her.

“You,” she says. “Please.”

In my mind, Rosie reaches up, winding her arms around my neck, holding tight as I lift her. She wraps her legs around my hips and raises her smiling mouth to kiss my jaw, my neck.

I carry her to a dark corner, set her ass on a ledge, and her fingers scramble at my shirt buttons, her lips seeking mine, opening for me without prompting, and I take whatever I want. She offers me everything.

“I want you so bad,” she pants. “Make it feel better.”

I unzip her hoodie, feed her nipples into my mouth, suckle and bite, and she goes wild. She needs me inside her. She whimpers, begging, and I give it to her while she clings to me, moaning.

“Cadoc,” she sobs.

Unprepared, I come with a grunt, hot seed dripping over my knuckles, splattering on the wet tile by my bare feet. A song ends, and another starts.

I’ve never come quicker. Or harder.

Or felt more like shit afterwards.

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