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Return to Monte Carlo


The odds of a man like Marco de Noli falling for a girl like me were a million to one.

He’s old money, classic European jet set, a master of the universe.

When we met, I was a shy girl from Oklahoma, pretty enough, but nowhere near his league.

One year later, after he stands me up on our first anniversary, I have to face facts. Our marriage was a mistake. My in-laws think I’m a gold digger, Marco lives at the office, and nights of passion aren’t enough. There’s nothing keeping me in Monte Carlo.

But when I run, I don’t realize that I’m taking the de Noli heir with me—

Or that our love wasn’t what I thought it was at all.

A runaway wife, a surprise baby, and a dark secret.

CONTENT WARNING: Consensual nonconsent (CNC) and death of parent (before story begins)




When you can't go home again, sometimes you find yourself.

Shirlene Grant served her country as an Army nurse in Vietnam, and now she’s finally back in her slow, quiet hometown. She's living with her parents, working at the local hospital. Nothing’s changed except her, and she’s slowly, quietly falling to pieces.

Twitch Robard has a hard time sleeping since he came back from the war, but he has his bike, his brothers, and a long shot plan. He’s waiting on an angel, and when he finally finds her, he’s not going to let anything—the past or the present—come between them.

Twitch is a prequel novella set in the Steel Bones Motorcycle Club world. It can be read as a standalone. Intended only for adult readers.

HEA guaranteed.


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