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Last Pack: 

Justus - kidnapped lone females, scented Mari was mated


Moon Lake Pack: 

Alban Hughes - flip-shifter, Madog’s brother-in-law, raised in Last Pack, nob

Alys - Nia’s cousin, scavenger

Arly - Rosie’s sister-in-law, mate went on a walk and never returned, scavenger

Art Floyd/ Arty - friends with Brody Hughes and Vaughn, nob

Avalon - Drona’s oldest daughter, Rosie’s niece

Bevan Nevitts - Rosie’s favorite cousin, scavenger

Broderick Moore - The Great Alpha, Cadoc’s grandfather

Brody Hughes - Cadoc’s cousin, wants to be alpha, nob

Brynn Owens - aligned with the Hughes contingent, father Howell Owens, nob

Cadoc Collins - alpha heir apparent, Rosie’s fated mate, nob

Conway - Rosie’s cousin, scavenger

Danny Powell - Drona’s oldest, mid-ranked father

Derwyn Collins - part of Cadoc’s entourage, good fighter, nob

Dewey Kemble / Uncle Dewey - Rae’s mate, Rosie’s uncle, scavenger

Drona / Madrona Kemble - Rosie’s older sister, mated to ranked shifter, Geralt Powell

Dru / Aunt Dru - Bevan’s mother, Rosie’s aunt

Dilys Hughes - Alban Hughes mate, Gwen Collin’s older sister, son Brody

Enid Wogan - scavenger

Geralt Powell - mate Drona, ranked shifter, lives in the Estates and not with Drona

Glen Kemble - Rosie’s brother, went on a long walk and did not return, mate Arly

Gracie Bedoe - scavenger

Griff Owen - part of Cadoc’s entourage, good fighter

Gwen Collins - Cadoc’s mother, husband Madog Collins but not her mate, sister Dilys Hughes

Howell Owens - Madog Collins’s second

Irv Nevitts - scavenger

Izzy Owens - mate Trevor, Arty’s cousin, not right since her mate left for Salt Mountain

Kadi - Drona’s youngest daughter, Rosie’s niece

Kenny Roberts - part of Cadoc’s entourage, good fighter

Lowry Powell - Brynn’s best friend, good fighter

Madog Collins - regent for Moon Lake Pack, son Cadoc Collins

Madwen / Auntie Madwen - sister Dru, nephew Bevan

Mina Scurlock - scavenger

Mrs. Dee - shifter, study hall teacher at the Academy

Nia Scurlock - Rosie’s best friend, mate Pritchard, cousin Alys

Old Angus - 

Pritchard - mate Nia

Rae Kemble / Aunt Rae - Rosie’s aunt, mated to Dewey Kemble

Rosie Kemble / Briallen - Nia’s best friend, Cadoc’s mate, Abertha’s apprentice

Seth Rosser - Cadoc’s second, mid-rank, good fighter

Teagan Roberts - Brynn Owen’s best friend

Tom Nevitts - scavenger

Trevor - Art Floyd’s cousin, mate Izzy Owens, left for Salt Mountain

Vaughn Lewis - friends with Brody and Art


North Border Pack:

Alpha Fireside - Alpha of North Border

Amir - A Claw, most decent male of the Claws, Clay’s friend

Annabel - Wrenlee’s younger sister, prettiest of the sisters

Clay Pulley - Wrenlee’s mate, a Ditch

Clay’s Uncle - Ditch quartermaster

Dale - Wrenlee’s oldest brother, a Ditch

Eldrick - highest-ranking Claw

Emmett - Wrenlee’s cousin

Isaac - A Claw

John Broom - a Ditch, works on the scaffolds

Laney - Wrenlee’s younger sister

Morris / Uncle Morris - Wrenlee’s uncle, her father’s oldest brother

Peg / Auntie Peg - Wrenlee’s aunt

Wrenlee / Wrenlee Pulley - Clay’s mate, sisters Annabel and Laney

Wrenlee’s Mother - A Ditch, daughters Wrenlee, Annabel and Laney, son Dale, nephew Emmett


Old Den Pack:

Alec Cameron - Flora’s mate, followed Flora to Old Den Pack

Bet Nevitts - former scavenger of Moon Lake Pack

Bevin Nevitts - former scavenger of Moon Lake Pack

Cadoc Collins - started Old Den Pack, alpha, mate Rosie

Conway Kemble - former scavenger of Moon Lake

Danny Powell - joined Old Den Pack with his family, mother Drona

Derwyn Collins - Cadoc’s entourage, former Moon Lake nob, followed Cadoc to Old Den Pack

Drona / Madrona Kemble - joined Old Den Pack, Rosie’s sister

Dru / Aunt Dru - joined Old Den Pack, Bevan’s mother, Rosie’s aunt

Enid Wogan - Moon lake scavenger, joined Old Den Pack

Flora Ritchie - left Salt Mountain for Old Den Pack for a better life; mate Alec Cameron

Gladys Goff - likes to knit

Kadi Kemble - Drona’s youngest

Lowry Powell - followed Cadoc to Old Den Pack, former nob

Maisie Cameron - Alec and Flora’s baby girl

Miss Olwen - hangs out with the elder packmates

Nia Scurlock - joined Old Den Pack, best friend Rosie, mate Pritchard

Nola Murphy - resettled from Quarry Pack to Salt Mountain, Flora and Alec took her to Old Den Pack

Pritchard - mate Nia, in charge of facilities at Old Den Pack

Rae Kemble / Aunt Rae - joined Old Den Pack

Rosie Kemble / Briallen / Rosie Collins - mate alpha Cadoc Collins, best friend Nia, alpha female of Old Den Pack

Seth Rosser - Cadoc’s second, followed Cadoc to Old Den Pack


Quarry Pack: 

Abertha - witch, also has a shack at Moon Lake

Alfie - one of Killian’s lieutenants

Annabel - Wrenlee’s sister, Clay took her from North Border to Quarry Pack

Annie - Una’s roommate, has high anxiety

Apollonia - Abertha’s cat

Ashlynn Kelly - Killian’s cousin

Cait Ryan - Darragh and Mari’s daughter

Cheryl - Haisley’s mother, alpha female

Clay Pulley - left North Border with Killian, mate Wrenlee

Conor - living with Jimmy, on Killian’s B-roster

Cormac Ryan - Darragh and Iona’s father, lost challenge to Declan Kelly

Dan Campbell - Una’s last foster father

Darragh Ryan - Mate Mari, lives in the foothills

Declan Kelly - Killian’s father, former alpha, a tyrant

Deirdre Sullivan - mated to Jimmy, Jimmy lives with Conor

Dermot - Haisley’s mate, strictly ‘for heat’ couple

Doreen / Nana Doreen - Mari’s grandmother, Thomas Fane’s mother

Eamon Byrne - Lochlan and Haisley’s uncle, pushes Lochlan to challenge for beta

Eileen Campbell - last foster mother to Una

Fallon Campbell - used to be Una’s foster brother, on Killian’s B-roster

Finn Murphy - one of Killian’s lieutenants, on A-roster

Gael - one of Killian’s lieutenants, moved to A-roster

Garrett - kidnapped Una and the lone females

Garrett’s mother - helps Una with her backyard garden

Haisley Byrne - mate Dermot, mother Cheryl, Uncle Eamon, high-ranking female

Iona Ryan - Darragh’s sister, resettled with North Border

Ivo Bell - sister Rowan

Jaime - having relations with Haisley, a favored fighter

Jimmy - mate Dierdre, living with Conor

Kennedy - Una’s favorite roommate, wolf is male

Killian Kelly - alpha of Quarry Pack, flip-shifter, mate Una

Laney - Wrenlee’s sister, Clay took her from North Border to Quarry Pack

Liam Hughes - mate Rowan Bell, strictly ‘for heat’ couple, good mechanic

Lochlan Byrne - Uncle Eamon Byrne, Aunt Cheryl, cousin Haisley, B-roster

Lucan - works in the kitchen; part of failed coup against Killian

Mari Fane / Mari Ryan - Una’s youngest roommate, mate Darragh Ryan, father Thomas Fane, daughter Cait

Nuala - trades Una berries from her garden, has a grandson

Old Noreen - cook in the kitchen at the lodge, has a sister in Moon Lake

Orla Sullivan - female killed by Declan Kelly in basement of lodge

Quill - 

Raff - Killian and Una’s son

Rowan Bell - mate Liam Hughes, Ivo’s sister, works at the lodge

Teresa Bell / Aunt Teresa - Rowan’s mother, Mari’s aunt

Thomas Fane - Mari’s father, killed by Killian Kelly

Tye - Killian’s beta, closer than a brother to Killian

Una - mate to alpha Killian, bad leg

Wrenlee / Wrenlee Pulley - mate Clay, left North Border with Killian

Wrenlee’s Mother - Clay took her from North Border to Quarry Pack


Salt Mountain Pack:

Agnes Campbell - 

Alasdair Munroe - Leith’s uncle

Alec Cameron - Flora’s mate, good at fixing things and building

Bram Blackburn - contender for alpha, defeated by Leith Munroe

Brenda Shaw - alpha female, mate Conall Shaw

Clyde - Alec’s cousin

Conall Shaw - Alpha of Salt Mountain, mate Brenda Shaw

Donal Ritchie - Flora’s father, doesn’t acknowledge Flora

Duncan Wright - killed by Conall Shaw in a challenge

Evander Scott - had a baby with a pup from Quarry Pack

Flora Ritchie - mate Alec Cameron, left Salt Mountain for a better life

Fraser / Uncle Fraser - Alec’s uncle, mate Shona

Glen - Alec’s cousin

Graham Cameron - Alec’s dad, left Alec’s dam when she got sick

Granddad - Alec’s grandfather, ninety-one years old

Greer Munroe - one of the highest-ranking unmated females

Hamish / Uncle Hamish - Alec’s uncle

Isla Sinclair - dated Alec Cameron for three months, tormented Flora

Keith - Alec’s cousin

Kenna Scott - unfortunate star of a video of her in heat circulated at the Academy

Knox - Alec’s cousin

Leith Munroe - a top contender for alpha, defeated Bram Blackburn for alpha

Lyle - Alec’s cousin

Mac - Alec’s cousin

Madwen - Auntie Madwen - joined Old Den Pack following Rosie

Margaret Blackburn - Bram’s mother

Mickey - works at the butcher shop

Myra - works in the laundry, has at least three pups

Niven McKay - Alec installed steel bracing in his basement

Nola Murphy - resettled from Quarry Pack to Salt Mountain, Flora lived with her after her mother died, moved to Old Den Pack with Flora and Alec

Rhona Blackburn - one of the highest-ranking unmated females, tormented Flora

Shona / Aunt Shona - Alec’s aunt, mate Fraser

Tandie Boyle - birthmark on her face, cleans at Blackburn compound

Trevor - left Moon Lake and resettled at Salt Mountain

Wallace - Alec’s cousin


Unknown Pack Affiliation:

Lenox - lured Mari away to be kidnapped



Brooklyn - human, student at the Academy

Brown - one of Mari’s kidnappers

Dan - human government official

Davis - one of Mari’s kidnappers

Garcia - one of Mari’s kidnappers

Johnson - one of Mari’s kidnappers

MIller - one of Mari’s kidnappers

Mr. Arnold - human, coach at the Academy

Rahul Shah - Vinay’s father, did business with Madog Collins

ShroomForager3000 - human

Smith - lead human who kidnapped Mari, killed by Darragh

Steve - human government official investigating Mari’s kidnapping

Vinay Shah - human, Rahul Shah’s son

Williams - One of Mari’s kidnappers

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