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Hitting the Wall

Stonecut County



She's not a secret. She's a second chance.
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Six years ago, the good, upstanding men of Stonecut County ran me off. I took a secret with me. An inconvenient truth they wanted buried.

Actions have consequences. Their perfect golden boy maybe wasn't so perfect after all.

When life hands me one too many lemons, I'm forced to go back, and in Stonecut, nothing ever changes.

Kellum Wall is still golden. I'm still unwanted. And being swayed by his cocksure smile will most certainly ruin my life all over again.

I believe there are still good men left in this world, and I strive to be one. I was raised to live by a code. God and country. Protect and serve.

I always do the right thing, even when it's hard--and yet, somehow, I've made an unforgivable mistake.

I want what I lost. The woman, the child, the white picket fence. But it's not gonna come easy.

Shay's a survivor. She doesn't believe in happy ever after, and earning her trust might be the hardest thing I've ever done.

She's got my heart in her hands, though, and this time--I'm not letting her slip through my fingers.

Hitting the Wall is a steamy, small town romance featuring a secret baby and a second chance at love. It is the first book in the Stonecut County series. It is intended only for adult readers.

HEA guaranteed.

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